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High performance ceramic fiber research center unveiled in Suzhou Dushu

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18 Aug 2014

Recently, the High performance ceramic fiber state-local joint engineering research center has been unveiled in Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town.

The center will become the core mechanism ceramic for the transformation of fiber research results to the industry application and industrialization in China.

According to introduction, the establishment of High Performance Ceramic Fiber State-Local Joint Engineering Research Center was formally approved by China Development and Reform by National Commission (NDRC). Suzhou SAIFEI Group Co., Ltd. is designated to actually carry out the research and development institution construction and operation.

The High Performance Ceramic Fiber State-Local Joint Engineering Research Center will be aiming at the national high technology demand for functional silicon carbide fiber composite materials in the major engineering and civil fields. Efforts will be given to solve the key technology and equipment and other bottlenecks during the industry development to promote the industrial technological progress and structural adjustment.

The center will lead the development and application in the promotion of functional silicon carbide fibers and their composite materials in China. These research and development will support and promote the major equipment leaping development in the Chinese aviation, aerospace, and marine industries and make the highly demanded contribution for the national economy.

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