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High-performance cross-laminated nonwovens

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27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - JX Nippon ANCI group manufactures and sells unique nonwoven fabrics, named Claf and Milife.

Claf is a cross-laminated polyethylene or polypropylene open-mesh reinforcement fabric. Milife is a cross-laminated polyester nonwoven fabric. The company also offers thermal lamination, process design and implementation, and product development services.


The group has begun to sell a flame-retardant grade of the Milife polyester nonwoven fabric. This flame-retardant fabric is made of non-combustible resins from Trevira GmbH (Germany) and benefits from the “Trevira CS” trademark for products that have passed Trevira’s non-combustibility test.


The Claf open-mesh reinforcement fabric is available in sustainable-origin resin (partially) and a PET version is under development.


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