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High-performance glass twisting machine

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26 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Oerlikon Saurer presents the Volkmann Glass Twister for the first time at JEC

Developed in Europe, the Twister was initially introduced to the European and Chinese markets in 2005 as the universal VGT-10 model and its further evolution, the VGT-11.


The VGT-9 model, with a narrower spindle gauge, is especially designed for finer yarn counts under 11 tex. Thanks to a vibration-free ring bank and a fine-tuned control of the yarn balloon tension, it can be operated at spindle speeds 25% superior to other available machines.

All VGT models feature individually motor-driven, frequency inverter controlled feeding baskets or capstans and take-up spindles with permanent monitoring through an interactive, central IPC ensuring a constant yarn torsion.

The perfectly balanced, encoder-controlled ring bank with integrated spring weight compensation allows accurate yarn guiding and winding. As a result, the take-up package can be set-up for optimum unwinding properties depending on the subsequent process.

The unique modular design with pre-assembled sections ensures immediate, reliable operation on the mill floor and short erection times. The Volkmann Glass Twister can be adapted either to single yarn up-twisting or multi-ply assembling and twisting, and can process all current glass fibre types as well as basalt fibres in a wide range of counts.


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