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High performance polymers

News International-French

27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 -Solvay Specialty Polymers supplies high-performance thermoplastic resins, films and foams. Virantage PESU and reactive PESU tougheners deliver excellent hot-wet performance, superior damage tolerance, and enhanced solubility and processability.

Ajedium films made using engineering and high-performance polymers are available up to 1.5 m wide with thickness capabilities from 6 microns to 1.5 mm.


Solvay's new super-tough thermoplastic foams are uniquely suited to replace honeycomb technology in structural and interior applications. They have very low moisture and resin absorption, resist Skydrole and maintain mechanical performance up to 200°C.


Evolite by Technyl is a breakthrough material, leveraging Rhodia Engineering Plastics’ expertise in thermoplastic composites. This patented high-performance PA-based matrix is especially designed for automotive and transportation applications as well as sporting and leisure goods.         


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