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High performance textile machine technology for brandnew textile reinforcement structures

News International-French

6 Mar 2014

These technologies offers new possibilities for the variation of fabric drapeability according to the requirements of composite parts.

The Karl Mayer Liba Multiaxial Technology is established for more than 25 years. Their philosophy resides in the continuous strengthening of R&D leadership, establishment of development partnerships and in a consistent and permanent development of new markets and applications.

The Multiaxial Max 5 CNC machine is equipped with the new ELS system for the production of Vario Stitch Fabrics, based on multi-layered spread carbon tapes.

The new Multiaxial Max 4 CNC machine is designed to produce a completely new fabric structure: Multi Compact Fabrics are self-supporting during the thread or roving laying process and assure a high optical and mechanical evenness for improved resin flour during any impregnation process. MC Fabrics do also offer new optical hybrid structures.