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High performances low-twist flax composite used in turbine blade application

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21 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - A new application of the TEX 400 low-twist long flax fibre roving developed by Safilin has been found.

A 300gsm UD and a 600gsm +/- 45° biaxial were produced and used in the manufacture of a 3.5-metre wind turbine blade. The flax/polyester vacuum-infused blade was produced and successfully tested by the University of Nottingham.


Fatigue tests on the flax composite turned out better compared to the corresponding E-glass material. Weight was reduced by 10% and environmental impact was lower thanks to the lack of synthetic fibres. The blade passed the IEC/British standard 61400 test.


The University of Nottingham tested other fibres, including competitors flax fibres, leading to the same conclusions. Flax gave the best results and the fibres produced by Safilin were the best among other flax fibres.


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