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High-pressure GRP pipes of Fiber Glass in Western Siberia

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19 Dec 2012

20 oil-producing wells of VaryeganNefteGaz OJSC, an upstream subsidiary of TNK-BP oil company, are equipped by high-pressure GRP pipes supplied by Fiber Glass Rus, as for October 01, 2012.

Due to the fact that the mentioned oil-producing wells are complicated by high content of mechanical admixtures, high corrosion level related to high content of CO2, aтd also by high viscosity of the oil produced, regular metal high-pressure pipes were found to be unable to provide a zero-fault work of the equipment, neither made of chrominated steel nor with anti-corrosion coatings.

Whereas GRP high-pressure pipes, accompanied by quality service of Fiber Glass Rus company, make possible a complete refusal from maintenance and transportation jobs with high-pressure well pipes.


Up to the end of 2013, VaryeganNefteGaz company is looking to increase a number of oil-producing wells equipped by high-pressure GRP pipes up to 80, with a perspective to further growth up to 300 wells. In addition, application of GRP pipes in water-flooding wells is considered by VaryeganNefteGaz.


In view of the described perspective, VaryeganNefteGaz asks Fiber Glass Rus company to consider a construction in Russian Federation of high-pressure GRP pipes plant produced by Fiber Glass technology.


Additional comment from I.Kryzhanovsky: for the moment, there are 2 working plants in Russia producing high-pressure GRP pipes by EnTec technology, but its capacities are looking to be limited. Another point is that Fiber Glass company has its own patented design of the threaded connection of high-pressure GRP pipes which increases the lifetime of the pipe dramatically.


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