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A high-speed resin applicator for filament winding

News International-French

20 Oct 2014

TSE Industries launches EcoWinder, a super-fast, patented, dripless, high-speed resin applicator designed to work with their polyurethane resin system for filament winding.

The TSE-EcoWinder force-infuses resin into the strands as they pass through the rotating elastomer coated rollers. It minimizes waste while maximizing the impregnation of reinforcement strands. TSE's patented technology ensures better laminate quality through consistent impregnation. The roving tension and the ratio of reinforcement to resin (LOI) can be automatically and consistently controlled. This near dripless resin applicator achieves a 70 to 80% glass-to-resin ratio.

Current resin applicators waste at least 5% of the resin being applied. Manufacturers who have a large filament winding operation, can easily losing six figures a year on wasted resin. The TSE-EcoWinder resin applicator impregnates each strand with just the right amount of resin carefully metered by TSE-EcoWinder Process Controller, virtually eliminating drips and waste.

This system can go fast, it's tested at 108RPM mandrel rotational speed, but it's designed to go even faster.

Differents sizes are available: 20, 40 and 60 strand. And it takes about 10 minutes to clean up the system, with any acetone or acetone replacement resin cleaning solution.

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