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High strength pure basalt continuous fiber developed successfully in Tong Hui

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18 Apr 2012

Recently, Hebei Tong Hui Science Technology Co., Ltd has successfully developed a high strength pure continuous basalt fiber production process.

Product tested by the authoritative departments, the fracture strength stabilized in 0.6 ~ 0.7N / tex, much higher than the national standard of 0.4N / tex. This is a breakthrough led China basalt fiber technology to be in the world's leading rank.


New technology selected crystalline structure of uniform, no impurities, high purity basalt ore as the single raw material. At the same time, since oxide acidity, viscosity and melting temperature of the ore are controllable, it does not need to be crushed into powder, nor does it need chemical purification and deferrization, fiber yarn produced spinning rate increased by 10%. According to expert, basalt fiber strength increase to 0.01N / tex is not easy, Tong Hui has increased it to 0.2 ~ 0.3N / tex.


The continuous basalt fiber with basalt as raw material can replace steel, aluminum alloy in the application such as fire control, environmental protection, aerospace, military and other fields.


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