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High-Tech standup paddles made with Divinycell core

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8 Apr 2015

Being an extension of the body, the paddle for standup paddle boarding (SUP) is an important piece of equipment, and one worth investing in. For the widest selection of high-tech paddles turn to Starboard, a natural watersports brand.

Discover SUP
Combine surfing with kayaking and there is the standup paddle boarding (SUP) or supping, one of fastest-growing water sport in the world. SUP has something for everyone. It’s easy to learn, suits all ages and offers a full-body workout. With a minimum of gear, people can paddle ocean surf or calm lakes and rivers. To start, they basically just need a board and a paddle.

Even though SUP is a relatively new sport, there is already a bewildering range of equipment available. One of the most famous brands in the business is Starboard, founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a well-known racer that entered his first windsurfer board in 1978.

Starboard has been at the forefront of windsurfing board design and technological innovation since its inception. Around 2008, Starboard also introduced boards for supping. Today, Starboard is a leading natural watersports brand covering windsurfing, standup paddle boarding, surfing and apparel. Its SUP line now rivals its windsurfing line in size. By designing and manufacturing the best equipment in the industry from one end, and promoting watersports to the general public on the other, Starboard strives to get as many people on the water as possible.

High-tech paddles made with Divinycell
Starboard also offers a wide choice of supping paddles to ensure everyone, from beginner to adventurer, finds the perfect choice for their paddle level. Two of their paddle lines – Carbon Super Flex and Tikitech – feature a lightweight Divinycell core and offer high strength with incredibly good flex characteristics. A blade with good flex allows you to paddle longer and harder without getting tired.

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