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High-temperature plastics and preceramics

News International-French

14 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The new KOMPOSIT technology offers materials for high-temperature applications and rough industrial environments. These products are an evolution of fibre-reinforced plastics and ceramics.

The range includes high-performance plastics with a temperature resistance up to 550°C and preceramic composites with a temperature resistance up to 1000°C.


The synthetic and mineral character of the matrix used for these composites protects fibres during high-temperature treatments. Their electrical and thermal conductivity can be adjusted by modifying the matrix according to customer needs. Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties can be modified using the following reinforcements: Al2O3 fibre, basalt fibre, carbon fibre, SiO2 fibre or a combination of reinforcements.


In addition to being excellent thermal and electrical insulators, these products are anti-adhesive and have very good mechanical strength and ductility. Preceramic composites show strong mechanical performance in high-temperature applications.


The advantages of these composites include temperature resistance, thermal & electrical insulation, high torsional and mechanical strength and non-flammability. They are odourless, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This unique technology saves energy and resources.



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