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High-tolerance stay-flat vacuum tables for precision composite workholding systems

News International-French

29 May 2012

For over 30 years Graphic Parts International, Inc. has been designing and fabricating high-tolerance vacuum table workholding systems making it easy to precisely hold down plastics and composite materials.

GPI’s precision vacuum tables are designed to work within specific applications to make it fast and easy to cut, machine, apply coatings, flatten, inspect or to do anything require without having to use tapes, clamps or any other method, other than “air” to hold composite securely in place. They have designed thousands of vacuum tables and air flow systems to enable gentle yet firm hold-down or floatation of products with table sizes up to 10 feet wide x 25 feet long (3.1 meters wide x 7.6 meters long).

Vacuum tables can be customized with zoned air flow, cutouts, inserts, disappearing registration guides, lift pins and hundreds of options to expedite the production needs. Special shape configurations and surfaces including anodized aluminum, stainless steel and phenolic plastic further the success of their sophisticated workholding challenges.