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Highly stiff material based on Pebax: Xecarb 17 C30

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10 Mar 2014

Xecarb 17 C30 was born from Xenia’s technology and Pebax the thermoplastic elastomer from the global chemical company Arkema. Xecarb 17 C30 is an innovative thermoplastic composite with a Pebax base, reinforced with a carbon fiber frequently used in aeronautic field.

The goal was to take Pebax, the best reference in the market, and make it stiffer. Pebax is the thermoplastic polymer which is the reference material in the production of ski boots thanks to its special physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Pebax is lightweight, durable and has an incredible elastic recovery always maintaining its mechanical characteristics even at very low temperatures. Cold temperatures, in fact, enhance its quality. These features have made it a reference material for the realization of high-performance components for winter sports.

The experience obtained in the implementation of these polymers has allowed the company in Mussolente to make Pebax more rigid and to broaden the scope of its possible applications. The base material has been "loaded" with 30% carbon fiber in order to obtain the Xecarb 17 C30 composite. It is fundamentally an evolution of Pebax which adds to the virtues of the Arkema polymer also an adjustable rigidity.

The advantages are many. The carbon used with variable dosage allows you to create a material with adjustable stiffness but at the same time retains all the strength of Pebax, overall at low temperatures. Based on its high mechanical characteristics, we can consider that Xecarb 17 C30 introduces an elastic module up to 15 times more than Pebax. This feature makes it possible to design parts with a considerably reduced thickness, an added advantage to the reduction to the weight of the product. On the whole, it also adds the possibility of overmoulded Xecarb 17 C30 to other materials, therefore ensuring maximum freedom in terms of design. 

About Xenia:
Xenia Materials is an Italian company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer-based materials used for the most advanced and challenging industries. The company, located in Vicenza, incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech components with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.