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Hitco receives excellence award in manufacturing technology achievement

News International-French

21 Aug 2013

Hitco Carbon Composites, a subsidiary of SGL Group announces that it received the 2013 manufacturing technology achievement award from a composites industry leadership group “The Composites Consortium” (TCC) for its work in large scale composite structures for U.S. heavy lift launch vehicles.

The award recognizes excellence in advanced manufacturing technology for composite materials.
The Composites Consortium enables industry participation within the Composites Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC) of excellence, a Department of Defense (DoD) R&D initiative administered by SCRA Applied R&D. CMTC is one of nine U. S. Navy manufacturing technology centers of excellence currently operating within the country. These centers support the U.S. Navy’s office of naval research and are renowned internationally for their work in improving weapons systems and troop safety for U.S. forces as well as processes, cost effectiveness and efficiencies for the DoD.

Hitco, which has a multi-decade long track record of supplying composite components to the U.S. Navy for production programs including submarine bow domes and fairings, participated as a member of the large scale composite structures for U.S. heavy lift launch vehicles project team. The project team received the award for its work in manufacturing aerospace composite components using the latest carbon fiber and polymer systems. The project utilized advanced materials and processing methods, successfully manufacturing large scale, high-tech composites at reduced tooling costs. Additional team members included Janicki Engineering and Spirit AeroSystems.

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