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Horst Peterhans to launch a book about RTM

News International-French

11 May 2012

Horst Peterhans is one of the major Brazilian references in the RTM process. Besides being responsible for the introduction of this technology in the country in 1985, when he headed the engineering department of Tecnofibras, he conducted dozens of projects that led to the production of more than 1 million parts – the consumer, almost always, was the automotive industry. Now, all this experience can be found in the book “Resin Transfer Moulding – RTM,” which has just been released by the publisher Nova Letra.

Contrary to what it seems, Peterhans’s book should not be exclusively labeled in the “technical publication” category. Obviously, there are thousands of tips about raw materials, molds and precautions throughout the production in RTM. However, the difference lies in the smart, acidic and often amusing way that the author combines a scientific approach with his experience. It is not an autobiography, but it is close to it in several parts. There is room for regrets, criticisms and even tributes to the competitors faced by Peterhans during the 35 years he worked at Tecnofibras – since 2010, he is a consultant at Mastergel Compósitos.

“I know I may not always be right, but I hope the book contributes to the uniformity of RTM in Brazil. Until now, every company that decided to adopt it has created their own rules, which often prevented us from obtaining the best results and, consequently, hindered the evolution of such productive system in the country,” he says. According to the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), RTM accounted for only 18% of the total composites processed in Brazil in 2011 – the manufacture in open molds accounted for 51%.


Peterhans took about four years to write the book. Large part of the time was spent on an extensive research in his personal files, numerous notes from a very methodical professional, who has registered in details the rights and wrongs of every project in which he was involved. “Even if the readers disagree with some of my concepts, they will benefit from my experience to avoid a few problems.”


And that’s not all. In 2013, Peterhans promises to release two books also about composite molding processes: one focused on SMC and another about spray-up.
Sponsored by Ashland and Mastergel Compósitos, the book “Resin Transfer Moulding – RTM” will be distributed for free.


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