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Hot melt prepreg equipment with S-Wrap technology

News International-French

1 Oct 2013

JEC Americas 2013 - C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. designs hot melt prepreg equipment for the production of high-quality unidirectional and woven prepregs.

These machines include systems for development and production situations from 12” to 60” wide machines including on-line and off-line filmers, as well as a unique and patent-pending thermoplastic prepreg machine.

The company's hot melt prepreg machines use the latest technology. Designed for high-speed and high quality applications, they are based on the S-wrap prepreg process, which ensures reliable and repeatable prepreg production.
The S-wrap machines can increase production up to 100 fpm on a standard machine. Typical competing designs are only useful up to 15 fpm.

Litzler, who celebrates 60 years in business in 2013, provides a variety of composites machinery around the world including hot melt and solution prepreg equipment and carbon fibre lines including oxidation ovens with the patented G5 End Seal system.

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