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How can simulation help to assess producibility of composites structures during conceptual design?

News International-French

23 Sep 2014

Goran Fernlund is the director of engineering at Convergent Manufacturing Technologies and will be focusing on this during his presentation at the JEC conference in October.

Q: What can design and simulation bring to the composite industry?
A: There are two important areas where design and simulation can make a significant impact on the composites industry: certification and design for manufacturing.

Q: What is the expertise of your company in this field?
A: Our company, Convergent, provides software for composites process simulation that allows you to design for manufacturing and assess producibility of composite structures early in the design process.

Q: What will your main goals during this speech in Boston in October?
A: One goal is to communicate the maturity and effectiveness of current process simulation software to asses and improve producibility of composite structures. Another goal is to meet with the design and simulation community to learn and share ideas.

The Composite Design session will take place on October 29th in Boston during the JEC Composite conferences.

More information: Composite design session - Registration