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Hua Neng 1.67 billion US$ wind power investment project signed in Tianshui city

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7 Nov 2013

Recently, the Tianshui government and Hua Neng Gansu Energy Development Co., Ltd million kilowatt wind power project cooperation agreement signed in Tianshui city.

According to the agreement, Hua Neng Gansu Energy Development Co., Ltd. will invest 10 billion Yuan (US$ 1.67 billion) in the wind power projects construction in Tianshui four counties of Gangu County, Qinan County, Wushan County, Qinzhou County, and Qingshui district. The total installed capacity will reach over 1 million KWs.

China Hua Neng Group is of the State Council approved state-owned key enterprises and one of the world's top 500 ranking. Hua Neng installed power generating capacity is ranked second in the world, the first in Asia.

Hua Neng has advantages of abundant capital, talent, and technology in wind power and other new energy industry development. Hua Neng has established successful precedent development demonstration, in Guansu province.

The Hua Neng Tianshui million KWs wind power project is one of the major further and deepen cooperation projects between Hua Neng and the Tianshui City, in Gansu province.

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