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Huadian US$ 150 million wind power project settled in Shandong Laixi

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30 Aug 2013

Recently, Huadian Power International Co., Ltd Shandong Branch 900 million Yuan (US$ 150 million) Investment wind power project has recently settled in Nanshu town of Laixi City, Shandong Province.

Nanshu town is the only mountain town in Laixi City with a total of 4.67 Square KM of barren hills and pastures. The area distribution includes Daqing Mountain, Gong Mountain, Zhi Mountain, and Zhoujia Mountain.

It is reported that the project is the second wind power project following Runlai wind power project last year in Nanshu Town. The Runlai wind power project has already connected to the power grid and in operation

Preliminary planning of the project:

  1. Over 100 MW installed capacity
  2. First phase investment project reaches 450 million Yuan  (US$ 75 million)
  3. Construction of 25 wind turbine units
  4. Construction area of 10,000 square meters

After the project completion, the project may effectively improve the energy structure in Laixi city as well as the sustainable economic development pace acceleration.

  1. Annual savings of 33,000 tons of standard coal
  2. Sulfur dioxide emissions will be reduced by around 634.2 tons
  3. About 360.4 tons of nitrogen oxides reduction

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