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Huaian carbon fiber composite materials project started construction

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21 Jan 2013

According to Huaian city government, a total investment of 150 million Yuan (US$ 24.2 million) carbon fiber composite materials project has started construction in Huaian Economic Development Zone.

The first phase of this project will be completed by June 2013. After the completion of the whole project, the annual sales can achieve 150 million Yuan (US$ 24.2 million).


This project is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Jinyu New Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd (Jinyu) covering a total construction area of 35,000 square meters. Jinyu is planning to build two postdoctoral workstations, and one postdoctoral R&D center in Huaian.


Jinyu is a joint venture between Sinopec Jilin Group Jilin Carbon Fiber Factory and Shandong University Carbon Fiber Research Center. Jinyu mainly produce carbon fiber electricity wire core, with advanced manufacturing equipments, leading processing technology and high added value.


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