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Humm3 for the first aerospace-scale demonstrator panel in dry fibre composites

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6 Mar 2018

Heraeus Noblelight, has collaborated with Compositadour, Coriolis and Hexcel, to apply their breakthrough composites heating technology – humm3® – to the manufacture of a full-scale aerospace demonstrator panel from dry fibre material.

Humm3 for the first aerospace-scale demonstrator panel in dry fibre composites
The geometrically complex dry fibre preform was created at Compositadour’s research centre using the humm3® heating technology mounted to their Coriolis robot-based Automated Fibre Placement machine, which was configured to lay up 8 quarter-inch tows of Hexcel’s HiTape® dry carbon fibre reinforcements. The preform was then infused with Hexcel’s HexFlow® RTM6 resin using standard techniques at Compositadour. At an approximate size of 1.5 metres by 1.3 metres, and with 16 plies in total, the part represents a full-size aerospace panel.

The humm3® has proved itself to be an excellent heating technology for fast and controllable dry fibre lay-up. Speeds of up to 1 metre per second are achieved using this pulsed, broadband source of heat energy. The combination of high average power, fast control and small physical volume enables a wide range of complex geometries to be fabricated. As a diffuse, broadband source of energy, the humm3® is also safe to use (no laser safety enclosure is required) and is easily scaled to different heated widths, from less than 1 inch up to 12 inches and beyond. 

Heraeus Noblelight and its project partners are proud to be exhibiting this demonstrator part at the JEC Paris trade show, from 6th to 8th March 2018. The part will be on view in the Aero Planet (Hall 6, Booth P86) and Heraeus will be happy to meet you at their booth (Hall 6 S72).

Heraeus humm3: Intelligent heat for composites manufacture