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Huntsman Advanced Materials participates in Technical Academy Esslingen conference

News International-French

10 May 2012

Key spokespeople from Huntsman Advanced Materials are taking part in the Technical Academy of Esslingen’s conference on resins in electrical engineering and electronics, a three day event being chaired by Dr. Ulrich Massen from Huntsman and Prof. Hossein Borsi from the University of Hannover, Germany.

During the conference, Huntsman’s Dr. Christian Beisele will present a paper focusing on the company’s involvement in the electrical industry and innovations for power transmission and distribution, looking at how technical considerations and cost factors in the areas of electrical insulation and impregnation and casting systems are driving the need for innovation and new insulating materials in electrical engineering.


In terms of new materials, the presentation will provide an overview of Araldite® casting systems for electrical engineering, highlighting the benefits of the Cast & Go easy processing casting system as well non-post cure systems for automatic pressure gelation, hydrophobic cycloaliphatic systems for outdoor insulation, hydrophobic systems for composite insulator sheds and matrix systems for composite insulators.


Dr. Beisele commented “Processing techniques for casting resins have undergone significant rapid development in a short period of time and some systems, take Cast & Go for example, yield excellent mechanical values despite the fact that post-curing is not required. 


Huntsman is committed to the continuous development of innovative insulating materials that both complement and lead developing technologies for automotive, telecoms, lighting and general industry applications, focused on providing competitive edge for all of our customers.”


Huntsman Advanced Materials’ Dr. Sigurd Hagen will also present a paper on polyurethanes as a proven alternative to epoxy resins in electrical engineering. 


Dr. Hagen will address how polyurethanes have developed in recent years to play an important role in electronic encapsulation, providing insight into why it is important to offer solutions from both product groups in order to guarantee the best solution for the application in question.


During the event, which finishes on 10th May, Huntsman’s Dr. Werner Hollstein will speak about the chemistry of epoxy resins and formulation components, while Jürgen Kuhnert will present on methods for processing epoxy resin systems.


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