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Huntsman consolidates its approach to speciality building blocks for formulators

News International-French

29 Jun 2012

As part of Huntsman Advanced Materials on-going commitment to deliver high performance speciality chemicals for formulators, the company has introduced a four-pronged approach to building blocks predicated on performance enhancement, cost reduction, formulation processing optimisation and the limitation of toxic substances wherever possible.

Enhancing formulation performance

Huntsman is leveraging its core competencies in synthesis and formulation to add new and innovative high performance materials to its range of proven and qualified building blocks in the drive to enable market differentiation for formulators in the areas of adhesives and composites, focused on the delivery of mechanical and thermal performance improvement.


Examples of how Huntsman is working to deliver enhanced formulation performance are as follows:


  • Resins and hardeners:
    • TGMAP type Araldite® MY0610 offers very high mechanical and thermal properties.  In comparison to TGMDA resins (eg. Araldite® MY 721), higher modulus can be achieved with similar thermal resistance. (graph 1)

    • Tri-functional, TGHPM type epoxy resin Tactix® 742 provides higher glass transition temperature resistance than any other resin.
    • Dycyclopentadiene based, novolac epoxy Tactix® 556 presents the lowest moisture absorption among any other epoxy resin. (graph 2)


    • Diaminodiphenylsulfone hardener Aradur® 976 offers thermal resistance and stability, as well as chemical resistance.


  • Tougheners and flexibilizers:
    • Specially modified epoxy/rubber adduct Araldite® LY 1146 improves impact resistance, adhesion on contaminated surfaces and corrosion resistance.
    • Working at higher temperature than epoxy/rubber adducts, Flexibilizer DY 965 provides outstanding impact resistance and adhesion to metal. (graph 3)


  • Other resins
    • Araldite® Benzoxazine resins, such as Araldite® MT35600 are a novel class of thermosets, exhibiting extremely good thermal and mechanical properties
    • Kerimid® and Matrimid® Polyimide resins are arange of polyimide and bismaleimide resins suitable for long term resistance above 200°C.


Reducing formulation costs

While reducing the cost of formulations can be achieved through the careful selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process is also pivotal to the delivery of sustainable solutions.  Reducing the number of mixing or synthesis operations, lowering production time through easier incorporation and reducing the investment in manufacturing equipment are all examples of the factors that strongly influence the final cost of a formulation.


With access to a number of complementary global production facilities the company offers unique, off-the-shelf or customised, high quality and cost effective products and services for formulators within blends (of resins or hardeners), master-batches, as well as pre-adducted chemicals.


Blends of liquid bisphenol A based epoxy resins with reactive diluents, such as Araldite® BY 158 or Araldite® BY 157, or blends of solid bisphenol A epoxy resins and epoxy novolac resins such as Araldite® GT 7220 illustrate the wide offering of Araldite® Blends.


Similarly, the company’s Araldite® and Aradur® master batch concentrates can be diluted into final formulations to provide high quality homogeneous dispersions.  Examples of this are Aradur® 1571, a viscous dispersion of solid latent hardener into liquid epoxy resin or the Araldite® DW series of concentrated coloured epoxy pastes. (graph 4)