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Huntsman introduces three new benzoxazines and a high-temperature epoxy adhesive for composites fabrication

News International-French

15 Oct 2014

These products offer out-of-autoclave curing and yield high modulus parts with excellent hot-wet strength.

Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas LLC announced the addition of three new products to its comprehensive line of benzoxazine resins along with a new high-temperature epoxy adhesive.

Developed using Huntsman’s 25 years of experience in benzoxazine chemistries, the new resins exhibit viscosity and out-of-autoclave curing profiles that provide for faster, easier processing to increase fabricating productivity. The new products offer high modulus, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and the ability to perform at elevated temperatures and under humid conditions over extended periods.

Huntsman’s new epoxy adhesive combines 400°F (204°C) performance with high lap shear and compressive strengths for liquid shim applications. According to Carl Holt, Huntsman Advanced Materials Marketing Manager - Aerospace Components & Adhesives, Automotive & Industrial Composites, “Huntsman has seen the applications for our high-performance benzoxazine resins grow significantly in recent years. As a result, by January 2015, we will expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet customer demand.”

Among the diverse applications for benzoxazine resins are:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio prepregs for aerospace and tooling applications;
  • High-temperature, chemical resistant automotive under-the-hood components and durable body panels;
  • High-performance composite vessels, parts and prepregs for use in the oil and gas as well as other applications;
  • Halogen-free laminates for printed wiring boards.

New products being featured by Huntsman include:

  • XU 35500 Benzoxazine is a reactive diluent designed to reduce the viscosity of benzoxazines and other resin formulations to facilitate improved handling and out-of-autoclave processing. The diluent also reduces surface tension and improves wettability of resin systems resulting in higher quality composite parts. The XU 35500 benzoxazine diluent is produced from a natural resource known as cardanol, a liquid derived from cashew nut shells. XU 35610 Benzoxazine Resin is a bisphenol-A based thermoset system that produces dimensionally stable, virtually void-free composites.
  • XU 35610 benzoxazine resin has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 320°F (160°C). The high modulus material is stiffer than epoxy resins with a flexural and tensile moduli >5,000 MPa. This resin has excellent electrical properties, good hot/wet properties and lower water absorption. XU 35910 Benzoxazine is a formulated thiodiphenol-based resin which produces a high flexural modulus (4,500 MPa) and high Tg.
  • XU 35910 resin is specially designed for lower temperature curing. It is ideal for fabricating durable, flame-resistant laminates with good hot/wet performance. This product is easy to process with a viscosity of 100 – 500 cP at 230°F (110°C).