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Huron Technologies improves safety by eliminating flammable solvents

News International-French

12 Dec 2011

A water‐based mold release from Huron Technologies, Release Coating 7854 promotes enhanced worker safety in all aspects of production when molding thermoset composites. Reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the removal of flammable solvents from Release Coating 7854 overcome health related issues that may arise when using a solvent based mold release.

Thermoset composites Release Coating 7854 was designed to release include:
• Energy absorbing bumpers;
• Automotive transfer cases;
• Aerospace components;
• Earth station antennas.

Huron Technologies' ready‐to‐use mold release was developed under the guidance of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to ensure consistency in product quality, while providing excellent coverage, and releasing easily and cleanly.

Huron Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures release agents for rubber elastomers, composites, concrete, and polyurethane systems, providing a wide range of off‐the‐shelf release agents as well as custom mold release agents to meet customer requirements.

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