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Hybrid furnaces and ovens for carbon fibre processing

News International-French

26 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Harper International offers advanced hybrid furnaces and oxidation ovens in gas/electric designs with improved control and thermal uniformity for carbon fibre processing.

These systems can offer increased availability with dual utility option, faster start-up/reduced downtime, and flexibility of selecting fuel based on current cost. The systems also allow the option of a universal plant, installable anywhere in the world to maximize efficiencies.

As pressure persists for cost savings to support adoption in automotive applications, carbon fibre processing must also play a role in solving the economics puzzle. With energy as a major cost in carbon fibre production, Harper International’s expertise in analysing geographically-specific utility scenarios is an important step in minimizing risk and maximizing cost and production efficiencies.

The company’s LT and HT furnaces and oxidation ovens are world-leading technology, paired with the innovation of a team of experts to design throughout all line sizes, from research to large capacity, from R&D lines to full production scale lines. Its gas/electric hybrid furnaces and oxidation ovens are customized to the customer’s unique requirements, and just one example of how Harper is constantly innovating to serve the evolving carbon fibre market’s needs.

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