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Hydraulic press for composite aerospace components

News International-French

25 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - French Oil Mill Machinery Co. & TMP developed a hydraulic press system to improve the part quality of critical composite aerospace components while dramatically reducing production cost, energy consumption and noise emissions.

The down-acting, sideplate hydraulic press is designed with an integrated RTM package and precision motion control package. Also included in the rugged design are patented tapered keys that extend the life of the headblock, sideplates and main cylinder. The reservoir and hydraulic power are mounted on top of the headblock, reducing the overall footprint of the press. A platform with access ladder is provided to allow serviceability. The energy-efficient hydraulic design reduces horsepower and noise throughout the moulding cycle.

The press comes standard with steel, multi-zone electrically-heated platens that are rated to 260°C. Customers may choose to upgrade to French's specialized Uni-Temp platens, providing advanced temperature control for both heating and cooling phases.

Customers may also elect to include the Edge II control system, a specialized recipe and data collection system programmed to monitor critical processing data, ensuring consistent results. Customers can create and store process recipes, retrieve and capture data with chart and display graphs on a colour touchscreen interface.

Tool loading and unloading systems can be supplied in addition to start-up technical assistance and operator training.

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