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Hydrojet announces composite machining services for military needs

News International-French

29 Jul 2014

With equipment for precision machining, the company announces that they are now offering their composite machining services for the varying branches of the military.

The engineers design and develop materials of all shapes and sizes so they can meet the desired specifications of the client.

Their machining composites have expanded its capabilities to provide clients with manufactured part at a lower cost in a shorter time. Engineers at Hydrojet are experienced with providing branches of the military with quality aircraft composites. Whether specifically needing advanced composites, custom machined parts, rotor blade components, sheet metal parts, floor board or core panels, clients can trust the professionals to complete the prototype within the desired time frame and the agreed upon budget.

The company will provide their clients with an improvement to a particular part, a re-design, or a new design. For military clients, safety in aircrafts is the number one concern, and their composite machine materials are used to increase safety. The engineers work with materials ranging from Plexiglas to Kevlar to stainless steel to bulletproof glass, boron and titanium to adhere to all the needs of their clients.

To better serve their aerospace clients, Hydrojet has maintained its AS9100C certification for optimal service. Their 3D service allows the creation of a part for customers to feel and view before the process proceeds to manufacturing.