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Hydrosize® PA845 ideal for carbon fiber sizing where thermal stability is required

News International-French

8 Feb 2012

Hydrosize PA845 from Michelman is a polyamide based fiber sizing formulated for high temperature resin applications where a greater degree of thermal stability is required. It is particularly effective in high performance carbon fiber sizing applications.

Formulated with a small particle size, Hydrosize PA845 exhibits excellent film forming properties. It is solvent, VOC and alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) free, and is also fully compliant with the EC Directives on plastics for food applications.  This allows its use in far reaching carbon fiber based applications.

With its unique combination of properties, Hydrosize PA845 is the perfect solution for high performance applications where continuous use temperatures are high.  Suggested applications for carbon fiber treated with Hydrosize PA845 fiber sizing include military, transportation, aerospace and automotive components. 


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