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Hyperloop will use carbon fiber skin material for capsule safety

News International-French

1 Jun 2016

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announces a base technology of the Hyperloop System: Vibranium, a smart material specifically developed for the Hyperloop application with C2i, a slovakian carbon-fibre components manufacturer.

Made of sensor-embedded carbon fiber, this smart material is eight times stronger than aluminum and 10 times stronger than steel alternatives, and transmits critical information regarding temperature, stability, integrity and more, wirelessly and instantly. It is also much lighter in weight—roughly five times less than steel and 1.5 times less than aluminum—reducing energy output to propel the capsule.

The Hyperloop Vibranium capsule construction was also revealedat the Pioneer's Festival, showing the material in a dual-layer sandwich formation. This allows for complete passenger safety even if the outer skin is damaged. The material communicates issues immediately and the Hyperloop capsule would be taken out of circulation for maintenance. This technology is one of the first technologies HTT has developed in conjunction with top Slovakian companies.

To develop Vibranium HTT contracted with Slovakian collaborator C2i, a company that intelligently engineers carbon-fiber structures for next-generation cars and aircrafts.

With an ongoing mission to solve many of the issues that make travel often unbearable, HTT announced the first in a series of innovation calls, starting with a Digital Innovation Challenge planned on July 6th in Bratislava, which will be followed by several entrepreneurial innovation challenges. As part of the challenge, HTT is developing a digital platform using mobile technologies and big data analytics, creating an opportunity for companies to improve travel and create new business potential. Interested parties are being invited to participate and create new applications for the marketplace.

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