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HyperPressure drives cutting efficiency through Waterjet Velocity

News International-French

30 Jun 2015

Flow International Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of industrial waterjet machines for cutting applications releases an analysis on how ultrahigh-pressure pumps drive cutting efficiency through waterjet velocity.

Real world examples and explanations are available as a comprehensive whitepaper, authored by Chip Burnham, vice president for Flow.

Burnham discusses how manufacturer can gain efficiency with a waterjet that is rated at HyperPressure levels of 94,000 psi. The following findings are highlighted by Burnham in the whitepaper:

  • Raising pressure directly translates into increased productivity due to increased jet velocity.
  • Faster waterjets provide smaller waterjet streams which move the abrasive particles faster, resulting in more material being cut with less abrasive.
  • HyperPressure delivers more efficient cutting, and that efficiency relates directly to lower part cost.

Flow has the most experience in the industry working at these high pressures, and has leveraged this experience to drive this research.