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Hypetex wins £100,000 award to create white carbon fibre

News International-French

11 Sep 2015

The coloured carbon fibre brand, has been awarded an Innovate UK prize to fund research into the development of a white carbon fibre composite.

The prize, which includes £100,000 to fund a new research project, is part of the UK government’s plan to support pioneering new businesses.

Previously, carbon fibre was always black, meaning it either had limited appeal to certain industries or had to be painted over adding weight and losing its visual effect. Hypetex has found a way to incorporate colour into carbon fibre without losing the material’s performance properties.

However, the ultimate development would be white carbon fibre, which could be used widely across industries such as windfarms, medicine and the automotive sector.

The new project follows on from Hypetex’s ground-breaking work with coloured carbon fibre, based on a new material created by engineers from Formula One racing.

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