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Icon Polymer joins the elite technologists of NASA

News International-French

2 Jun 2015

Icon Polymer Group, a major supplier to the leading aerospace companies, has successfully completed the signing of an Evaluation Licence Agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The agreement provides Icon with access to uniquely performing materials and enables the company to conduct research into new and innovative applications.

Icon is one of just a few organisations outside the US to have achieved such an agreement – a reflection of the company’s global presence as well as its status as an innovative supplier of advanced materials technologies and components to the aerospace sector.

Calvin Tan, Icon’s Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the research programme and will be working alongside NASA’s world-leading research personnel.  He explained: “Our customers expect their supply base to be able to provide state-of-the-art engineering knowledge and expertise. This research programme provides a platform that enables Icon’s customers to achieve their business objectives.”

Dr Rheal Turcotte, Partnership Manager at NASA-Langley commented: “As Icon is an important supplier to US commercial and military aerospace companies, we are pleased to see NASA invented technology enter the marketplace. We feel Icon brings the experience and dedication needed to succeed. We look forward to collaborating with them to fully realize a successful technology transfer benefiting society through improved performance and safety for critical aerospace components and systems.”

The link with NASA represents a further strand in Icon’s technology commitment to its customers. The company has several programmes ongoing with academic institutions to develop the technologies demanded by the world’s leading aerospace companies.

Tim Pryce, Chief Executive Officer at Icon Polymer, added: “Icon has forged strong relationships with our customers through an approach based on developing a deep understanding of their applications that enables us to meet their product and business needs. We are building a technology base which will meet the growing demands of customers seeking inventive, design-led, engineered solutions. This agreement will enable us to continue to develop our innovative material technology in conjunction with our customers."