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Igus established in Shanghai for its carbon fiber rail

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6 Oct 2015

Recently, German Igus has established its wholly owned subsidiary in China, Igus Towline Bearing Warehouse & Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

This company is in full charge of the technical service and sales business in the great China area. It has been reported that all the products will all be imported from Igus German headquarter, while the company has established a 6,300 square meters of bonded warehouse in Shanghai Waigaoqiao bonded zone with all the major products in stock.

The picture shown above is the lightest linear guide rail - Igus drylin W carbon fiber guide rail that reduced over 40% weight in comparison with the traditional metal guide rail that is reported to have a great market potential. No matter in aircraft, or auto industry, there are hot spots regarding light weight movement. The designing engineers more and more depend on the carbon fiber reinforced materials. In order to satisfy the needs in this aspect, Igus has successfully developed drylin W carbon fiber guide rail.

Extremely light, high stiffness, non-magnetic etc, are the major advantages of the carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) in comparison with the metal materials. In certain high demanding key applications, such as aviation / aerospace and medical technology, Igus can provide 2,000 mm route carbon fiber linear guide rail. Not only are the supporting materials made of carbon fiber materials, but also the entire rail are made of carbon fiber materials as well. In comparison with the aluminum solution, the rail and slider weight has been reduced by as high as 40%, while this number can increase to over 60% in the case of steel material.

Reduce weight can save cost as well, especially in the aviation / aerospace industry and automobile industry. In other industries, as far as there is a need for high dynamic movement, the lightweight materials can also play an important role. Take robot industry as an example, there are more and more applications that make use of carbon fiber composite materials components lightweight advantages. IGUS has been involving in the carbon fiber axis production for over ten years. They have a lot of rich experience through many tests, detections, and production.

Igus project supervisor Stefan Niermann said that it has been proven that iglidur L250 combination application has the more optimized abrasion loss and abrasion coefficient. Stefan Niermann is in charge of the linear drive technology. According to him, the test result shows that this material is also suitable for the rail making. Same as other igus® products, this new product has been widely tested to obtain reliable data for the abrasion coefficient and service life.

Iglidur L250 is a kind of completely non-metal synchronized axis, the high section area carbon guide rail and attach grapple without re-processing. In addition, the high section area guide rail is a completely no metal gear axis with the base length of 1,000 mm. This system is consist of carbon fiber axis, plastic gear, and xiros plastic ball bearing. Therefore, this system can be used in X-ray medical equipment. Except the carbon fiber materials characteristics, this system is the same with other igus products, it is lubricant free in maintenance.

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