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Ilium to announce the official launch of its activities during the JEC in Paris

News International-French

11 Feb 2011

Ilium is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has been created in 2010 by some well known actors in the field of fiberglass reinforcements.

Ilium has developed a new patented technology to manufacture structural glass reinforcements based on its long experience in this field.

Illium building

The complete range of products will bring a lot of new advantages:

  • Better surface finish
  • Possibility to preform (cold and hot)
  • Improved mechanical strengths thanks to the use of longer fibers
  • Easy cut, no fraying, no stitching, no chemical binder. 

Main process using Ilium products:
RTM, light RTM, Infusion, Press, Pultrusion, Hand lay-up, Continuous lamination. 

Main market/applications for Ilium products:
wind energy, marine, pipe renovation, industrial parts, automotive parts, transport, ski.
Thanks to visit us on booth T31 to discover our new range of products.

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