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Ilium Composites launches easy-conform L-RTM reinforcement

News International-French

30 Apr 2015

The company has taken advantage of its versatile and patented production technology to develop a Light-RTM reinforcement which exhibits improved drape and conformability characteristics.

Due to Ilium’s stitch-free production process, feedback suggested that conformability was lower than that found in traditional stitched L-RTM reinforcements and subsequently, complex mould geometries could take longer to lay up.

The latest version of Ilium’s iSpring range now achieves the same level of drape and elongation with up to 66% less force. One additional benefit increases maximum elongation by between 24% and 29% creating a more homogeneous, natural drape. Under tension, the new material naturally spreads any given load over the entire section, rather than a smaller local area.

Ilium’s higher drape reinforcement now has all of the pre-existing advantages, better print-through performance, increased strength, improved fire retardant properties, instant preformability and overlap avoidance, but with even more versatility and ease of application.

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