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İlkalem - Fifty-six years in the composite market

News International-French

4 Feb 2013

Turkey’s first unsaturated polyester resin manufacturer, İlkalem Co., Inc., was established in June 1957. Since then, the company has become a real solution partner by manufacturing high-quality products to meet customer demands and requirements as best possible.

As an ISO-9001:2008-certified company, İlkalem serves the automotive, marine, wind energy, aviation/defence, construction, pipe, furniture and button sectors in domestic and international markets. It produces unsaturated polyester resins, epoxy vinylester resins, gelcoats, pigment pastes, bonding pastes, mould release agents, waxes, repair putties and PVA-based adhesives under the brand name İlkester. İlkalem owes its success to its modern production technology, advanced R&D activities and experienced team, and thanks to its continuing R&D investments, is able to stay in the lead as Turkey’s top industrial chemical raw material producer.


Leading manufacturers prefer RTM technology

In order to hold their positions as leaders, major players in the composite sector are stiffening their product quality requirements. The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Moulding) technologies, which are used especially in the aerospace industry, are developing in many areas of the composites sector due to their advantages over conventional hand lay-up and spray-up methods. Both surfaces of the products manufactured by RTM and LRTM methods are glossy and, compared to products manufactured by other methods, they are lighter, stronger and more attractive. With its high-performance isophthalic RTM resin, İlkalem is the solution partner for the composite sector’s leading players.


The RTM isophthalic resin formula developed by İlkalem makes it possible to produce parts with 15 spm and up to 1.50 cm thick. Other specialty products for RTM part production are gelcoats and pigment pastes. Most of the company’s high-performance gelcoat production capacity consists of coloured gelcoats. These are in high demand, due to İlkalem’s special production control, to the continuous colour standardization among the manufactured batches, and to the products’ temperature, UV and chemical resistance.


Production cooperation with Reichhold Turkey

İlkalem has been manufacturing unsaturated polyester resins for over 55 years. It owes its experience and know-how to a successful production cooperation with Reichhold Inc.’s first and unique joint-venture production facility, Reichhold Turkey, since June 2010.