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An immediate drop-in solution for extruded or injection molded components currently molded in PA12

News International-French

19 Jun 2012

Technyl® eXten PA6.10 from Rhodia Engineering Plastics brings an efficient alternative to PA12 with grades available for tubing applications like automotive/industrial tubes and flexible hoses, along with injection molded parts such as fuel quick connectors.

In order to bring high-performance, economical solutions to the automotive and the manufacturing industry quickly in the midst of the PA12 crisis, Rhodia Engineering Plastics, member of the Solvay Group, is proposing its Technyl®eXten PA6.10 product as a drop-in solution for a variety of applications where PA12 is typically used.


Rhodia’s application experience to date, developed in partnership with its customers since 2010, show that Technyl®eXten PA6.10 is a versatile alternative to long chain polyamides such as PA12. For many existing PA12 applications, Rhodia brings a true drop-in solution that will do the job. That’s more important than ever as PA12 supplies continue to tighten.


"Compared with PA12, Technyl®eXten grades offer customers a range of technical and cost-benefit advantages, in addition to their environmental performance," said Pierre-Emmanuel Lucas, New Business Project Director for Rhodia Engineering Plastics. “Working closely with our customers, we have the ability to provide a quick solution for many different applications where PA12 is now used, and where supplies of that material are in jeopardy going forward,” he added.


Introduced to the market in 2010, Technyl® eXten grades are available for both extrusion and injection molding and are specifically suited to the manufacture of flexible tubes for the transportation and industrial industry, and glass reinforced molded parts such as fittings and adapters for the engine fuel systems market. In addition, it is partially based on raw materials from natural origin and shows an improved environmental profile.


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