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The importance of integrating simulation tools in the manufacturing process

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26 Mar 2015

Byron Pipes from Purdue University will be presenting the latest improvements from the Composites Design and Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB) in the Automotive conference session during JEC Americas in Houston next June.

Byron Pipes holds the title of John Leighton Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Purdue University, Indiana. He will be presenting the latest improvements from the cdmHUB in the Automotive conference session during JEC Americas in Houston next June.

1. How do composite simulation tools factor into an industry such as the automotive one?    
Automotive manufacturing is a partnership between OEMs and their supply chains. Sharing specialised design and manufacturing software with the supply chain in order to simulate complex composite structures manufacturing will significantly shorten the development lifecycle and decrease the development cost for OEM’s, while allowing more time for innovation by all. The composites simulation tool suite can be used as the platform for the certification of composite performance as well. Here again composites simulation tools can provide an economic alternative to exhaustive studies of process and performance variability, but to do so simulation tools for prediction of manufacturing and performance variability must be developed and integrated into the manufacturing development process.

2. What is Purdue University and its composite-dedicated departments’ expertise in this field?
Purdue University is a partner in the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) of the Department of Energy. IACMI is led by the University of Tennessee with Oak Ridge National Laboratory as one of the nation’s National Network of Manufacturing Institutes. In 2013, Purdue founded the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB (cdmHUB), a collaborative web interface platform designed to provide a platform for evaluation of composite available simulation tools. The platform will also educate users in the use of simulation tools needed to:

  • Advance composite materials design and manufacturing simulation best practices,
  • Certify product performance,
  • Simulate manufacturing processes, and
  • Accelerate development of the composite simulation talent-base
  • cdmHUB’s robust browser-based platform shares data and simulation tool developments in real-time
  • while allowing continuous direct interaction with the composites community in a secure environment.
  • The Purdue composites programs will be housed in the new Indiana Manufacturing Institute in the Purdue Research Park.

3. What are your main goals during this speech in Houston in June?
The goals are to work with industry, academia and government to put composites simulation tools in the hands of engineers, who will design future products that require the performance characteristics composite materials offer. To do so will require a comprehensive set of simulation tools that connect composites from their birth in manufacturing to their lifetime prediction and the education of a new generation of engineers with composites expertise.

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