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Improve compaction of thick composite laminates

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27 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Heatcons Double Vacuum Debulking (DVD) Chamber is designed to perform vacuum or dual-vacuum debulking of composite materials.

It is used for pre-curing composite repair patches so that the end result is a near-autoclave quality repair.

The DVD Chamber combines the functionality of a hot bonder and vacuum regulator. It enables a unique combination of pressure and temperature parameters to provide an improved ability to remove inter-ply volatiles during debulking of thick laminates. This enhanced debulking process results in increased strength and part integrity. The design of the connections through the pressure barrier make lay-up and use of the chamber vastly easier, while reducing preparation time, reducing risk, and increasing the positive process yield (less chance of failure). It also has a built-in window for operators to view the interior during a curing process and storage drawers and shelves to secure other tools locally. The DVD Chamber gives operators the level of confidence that processes will remain stable, valid, and repeatable.

For over 30 years, the company has been committed to supporting their customers and offering the equipment, tools, and materials for proper composite repairs. Based in Seattle, Washington their customer base encompasses aircraft manufacturers, major airlines, MROs, defense organizations, and educational institutions worldwide.

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