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IMT Lille Douai to celebrate 35 years of expertise in composites engineering

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21 Feb 2018

IMT Lille Douai will unveil its LArge SCLAle plAstics & composites 3D printing equipment for the first time on JEC World.

IMT Lille Douai to celebrate 35 years of expertise in composites engineering

IMT Lille Douai celebrates this year 35-years expertise in composites engineering, both in collaborative R&D and graduate programmes (MSc, MEng, PhD), and continue to invest in that area.

Through its Polymers and Composites Technology & Mechanical Engineering (TPCIM) Department, this French research centre and engineering graduate school of Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) expands its 7500m2-technological platform dedicated to plastics and composites advanced manufacturing with new processing technologies for thermoplastic and thermosetting high-performance composites that complement the existing pool of manufacturing equipments.

Based on the expertise developed on thermoplastic additive manufacturing (Fused Deposition Modeling / Fused Filament Deposition and Freeforming processes), IMT Lille Douai has also launched the development of LASCALA, a Large SCALe plAstics & composites 3D printing machine (up to 5m x 2m x 1m). This unique, versatile (thermoplastics, reinforced plastics and structural composites with continuous fibres) and scalable equipment will be unveiled for the first time during the JEC World 2018 exhibition.

The TPCIM Department of IMT Lille Douai, a 70-people research group chaired by Prof. Dr. Patricia Krawczak, thus offers its industrial partners (SME or large companies) access to quite unique R&D facilities covering the whole chain of composites design/manufacturing/testing/recycling:

  • a large pool of manufacturing technologies for thermoplastic and thermosetting structural composites, including biocomposites (bio-based polymer matrices, vegetal fibres) from small series to high production rate : Liquid Composites Moulding (LCM) processes such as resin infusion, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), RTM-TP, HS-RTM, C-RTM; stamping/thermo-compression moulding of prepregs, GMT or SMC; automated dry fibre placement and filament winding; autoclave moulding; BMC and LFT injection moulding, one-shot forming and overmoulding of local composite inserts ...,
  • virtual engineering numerical tools (modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes, mechanical design of parts submitted to multiaxial loads including creep or fatigue),
  • advanced testing of product performance (mechanical, thermal, physical, structural properties), from lab scale (test samples) to full-scale (modular multi-purpose test benches for large size industrial components under static or dynamic multiaxial loading or internal pressure),
  • multi-techniques non-destructive structural health monitoring (acoustic emission, conventional and phased-array ultrasounds, active and passive infrared thermography, 2D-3D digital image stereo-correlation …).

As Mines Carnot Institute member and representative, IMT Lille Douai will also deliver a conference featuring composite innovative solutions in railway applications on the “Composites in Action” area (Hall 6 Booth G89) together with the French Carnot Institutes supporting the manufacturing sector.

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