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InCom 360° work system and production kits

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27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - This system is a high-end tool that ensures important cost reductions for customers.

It is based on a powerful philosophy inspired by lean thinking principles that supersedes the traditional relationship model between suppliers and customers by building much more efficient ways to take a big leap in competitiveness, quality and efficiency. The InCom production kit system directly feeds the customer’s production line just in time, ensuring cost reductions in terms of staff, infrastructure, administration, quality, raw materials, logistics, space, etc.


Since 1997, the company has been dedicated to innovation, design, production, assembly and sale of components to the wind industry, specializing in composite materials using glass, carbon, polyester and other synthetic fibres. They also provide auxiliary components assembly services for other industrial sectors such as boatbuilding, automotive, aeronautics, etc.


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