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Induction welding machine for thermoplastic composites

News International-French

26 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - A new induction welding machine was developed by SINERGO and CETMA for continuous and automated welding of advanced thermoplastic composites for different industrial sectors.

This machine is provided with a fine control system (patent pending), which can simultaneously control different parameters, such as working power, compacting force, feed velocity and cooling rate. Thanks to this control system, the induction welding machine can weld all advanced thermoplastic composites reinforced with both glass and carbon fibre, with high and constant properties. Moreover, the developed technology can be applied to components with complex shapes, also in the proximity to edges, and to thick laminates.

The mechanical properties of the joints obtained with the new induction welding machine, optimized through an FEM analysis carried out with Comsol Multiphysics, were evaluated through a wide experimental characterization that produced the following results:

  • Single-lap shear strength: 30 MPa;
  • T-joint strength (pull-out tests): 10 N/mm.

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