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Industrial Fibre Patch Placement machine and software

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16 Mar 2017

Sponsored Innovation report - With Artist Studio and Samba, Munich-based Cevotec presents the first industry-ready production solution for carbon composites based on the Fibre Patch Placement (FPP) technology. Fibre Patch Placement enables the fully automated production of geometrically complex composites.

Industrial Fibre Patch Placement machine and software
The easy-to-use CAD-CAM software Artist Studio consists of two modules. The first one, Patch Artist, creates patch-based high-performance laminates with variable fibre orientation and variable component thickness, optimizing the patch overlaps of a curvilinear fibre architecture with a proprietary algorithm. The second module, Motion Artist, uses the virtual laminate to perform an automatic and collision-free offline programming of Samba’s two interacting robots. The Samba preforming system allows for a discrete orientation of each patch to achieve perfect fibre orientation in complex load conditions for increased strength and stiffness. It also significantly reduces scrap and eliminates additional forming processes through 3D net-shape preforming.

A wide range of applications across industries demonstrate the commercial potential of Cevotec’s innovation. Complex geometries such as aircraft window funnels or motorcycle helmets can now be produced in a continuous, automated process from virtual design to the fibre preform. In addition, structural components such as automotive and aerospace seat backs can be reinforced to tailor mechanical properties, but the technology also finds its use in applications to reinforce axles and pedals.

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