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An injection head for fast RTM composites

News International-French

25 Mar 2016

During JEC World 2016, the CEMCAT, a technical centre dedicated to the improvement of advanced composite materials and processes for the transportation industry, presented for the first time a mixing/injection head dedicated to fast RTM (patent pending).

This head is the terminal element of a complete dosing and injection unit for the fast RTM process (complete equipment will also be offer). The standard version is suitable for a 3 components injection.

With a simple and compact design, it optimizes RTM operations: quality, productivity and environment matters are improved.

Advantages of this head:
- Resins: epoxy, polyester, vinylester, ...
- No more mechanical mixing,
- Reduced cleaning operations,
- Simple and compact,
- Process improvement: repeatability, productivity, quality, environment ...
- Suitable for Class A and structural parts

A Reactive polyamide Resin design is in progress.

Furthermore, the CEMCAT offers technical assistance contracts: process monitoring with the customer resins, product and process simulation…

Commercialization is scheduled for the second half of 2016.

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