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Injection moulding machines for composites

News International-French

24 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Billion is a specialist in multi-injection and provides all-electric, hydraulic and hybrid machines from 40 to 1100 tonnes of clamping force, in France and worldwide.

Billion, based in Oyonnax (France), has been manufacturing since 1949 injection moulding machines for various plastics sectors: automotive, medical, cosmetics, household, building, sport & leisure, technical parts, etc. 

In the composites injection sector, the company has developed solutions for processing BMC materials, long fibre thermoplastics and thermosets. It offers a complete package for BMC moulding: a screw-cylinder assembly with special profile and bi-metallic treatment, cold platens, and a vertical stuffer designed to preserve the length of the fibres.

LFT-G processing equipment includes a specific screw-and-barrel profile with hardened treatment as well as software tools for free programming of compression, aspect cycle, degassing, film or fabric overmoulding.

For thermosets processing, the company designed a hardened screw with a bi-metallic barrel. The thermoset screw profile is adapted to high material viscosity. Their team of experts is able to help users from the design phase through to the realisation of composite projects. 

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Booth: Hall 5A / D71