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Inline computer tomography

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18 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The new Zeiss VoluMax inline computer tomograph (CT) can inspect 100% of components for manufacturing defects: porosity analysis, assembly control, and metrological verification of simple dimensions.

The user receives information about porosity or the correct configuration of assemblies within seconds, and thus only delivers fully tested components to his customers.

Fully-automated 3D workpiece testing offers significant benefits. While 2D testing could only detect component defects such as porosities, their size and location within the component can now be evaluated. This enables the definition of product-specific regions within the component, where different cavity sizes can be used as a criterion for component evaluation.

VoluMax incorporates Zeiss’ know-how in the field of inline metrology and ensures the optimal integration of the CT into the manufacturing line by means of automated robotized loading. The software integration of the CT into the manufacturing phase ensures that test results can be traceably documented and archived for safety-relevant components.


  • Reduction of reject rates by evaluation of the size and location of defects within the component
  • Reduction of reject rates by feedback of the measurement results
  • User-independent test results through the use of innovative evaluation software for defect size and location assessment
  • Product quality traceability by networking test results and production data

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