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Innovations in resin and adhesive filled pouches

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10 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Sponsored Innovation - Andpak has refined its flexible film packaging products in numerous ways, culminating in a completely innovative product offering for the composites industry.

Flexible packages based on foil laminates and clear plastic laminates offer numerous advantages, including complete freedom as to the volume/weight of any components and the mixing ratio achieved. With multi-part pouches, any ratio can be used (for example 7:1). Both liquid and solid products can be packed together in the same format and single and multi-components can be packed. Products can be reconditioned before use by simply squeezing the pack.

Andpak can now quickly produce flexible packs in sizes from 1g to 20kg in single or multiple components. Products can include powders, and liquids together.

Other innovations include:

  • Polythene pouches overlaid with alu-laminate foil to prevent product migration.
  • Multi-component packs separated by rigid plastic clips. Andpak cuts the clips to length in-house to react quickly to any new volume of pack.
  • Burst Seal Packs use a weaker breakable seal between components, which is broken by pressure to allow components to mix without the need for clips.
  • Screw caps welded into the packs allow them to be resealed in-between applications. Cap options include "FOD Free", auto plug and nozzle fit.

Products that can be supplied in flexible pouch type packs include paints and coatings, adhesives and resinous compounds used in any field in the composites industry.

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