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Innovative automation solutions for the composites market: G3 M-1600 and collaborative UR robot

News International-French

17 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Maximum productivity and reliability, along with simple integration in automated production workflows, are critical competitive advantages in the composites market.

Perfectly coordinated system components working together in a fully integrated digital workflow are the key to success. With the G3 M-1600 cutting system combined with a collaborative UR robot, Zünd offers a perfect automation solution for cutting and off-loading prepreg materials. The UR robot does not require caging or other protected workspaces and relieves the operator of the repetitive, non-value-adding task of sorting and unloading. The cut parts are automatically stacked and can be removed any time without any interruptions to the production process.

With a cutting area of 1330 x 1600 mm, the G3 M-1600 can handle anything from prepreg materials to dry weave and core materials, and even finished laminates. No matter whether carbon or glass fibre, aramid, rock wool or basalt fibre, hard foam or honeycomb – with its advanced tool design, Zünd offers the perfect high-performance cutting tool for every application. To meet the rigorous demands of processing glass and carbon fibre, for example, the company recommends the extremely efficient and robust Power Rotary Tool – PRT, which is also protected against electrically charged or abrasive dust particles. For cutting materials with a low melting point without damaging them, the RPM settings of the tool can be adjusted for specific material requirements. The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool – POT is another powerful tool. Air-driven, with an 8-mm stroke, this tool is the perfect choice for efficiently processing honeycomb and hard foam materials. The routing option with the R62 specialty router bit, on the other hand, is the ideal tool for precisely and efficiently routing cured parts.

Because of their modular design, Zünd high-performance cutting systems can be easily tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of the composites market. This not only guarantees exceptional productivity but also makes them a very safe investment with both immediate and lasting returns. The G3 cutter is CE and UL certified. It can be used as a standalone solution in a semi-automated configuration for custom or shorter-run production or, just as easily, integrated in a fully automated industrial production workflow. Powered by Zünd Cut Center with its open interface, G3 cutters can be quickly and easily integrated in any type of production environment.

G3 cutting systems come with professional documentation in multiple languages, and the user can select his/her language of choice for the user interface. High-performance CAD/CAM software options support the user in all aspects of the production process, e.g. in maximizing material yield through automatic nesting.

There are thousands of G3 cutters installed all over the world, proving their mettle on a daily basis. Zünd's customer reference list is extensive, featuring many renowned brand owners in the automotive, aerospace, aviation, and wind energy industries, as well as many other industrial applications.

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