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Innovative color pastes provide greater flexibility

News International-French

7 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - Chromaflo Technologies will introduce an extended range of color pastes for unsaturated polyester applications (CF-line).

In addition to the already existing rutile titanium dioxide and zinc sulfide based color pastes, two additional white color pastes have been added to the portfolio: an anatase titanium dioxide and a lithopone based color paste.

This broad range of white pigment pastes enables customers to focus on durability, processing (non-abrasiveness), opacity and/or cost efficiency. A greater flexibility in formulating colors without compromising performance can be achieved. The CF line color pastes can be used for SMC/BMC/TMC, wet molding, casting, panels, gel coats, pultrusion and filament winding applications.

Furthermore, an innovative solar reflective black color paste has been developed and could replace carbon black or iron oxide black. The pigment achieves a high Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) value, absorbing much less heat than conventional color pastes. Combining conventional color pastes with high solar heat reflection color pastes minimizes heat build-up and provides cool colors. Due to the lower absorption of solar radiation, thermal stress will be reduced and durability enhanced. These solar reflective color pastes are compatible with unsaturated polyester resins.

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